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Indexing Addresses on the Ethereum Blockchain

Appearances are the key
Given a blockchain, our goal was to create a list of every appearance of every address in any block on that chain. We define an “appearance” as either the use of the address in one of the common ‘address’ fields of a transaction (such as to, from, or contractAddress) or its use as data in one of the data fields in a transaction. We do not check numeric fields such as value or gasUsed.
Posted July 9, 2019 ‐ 5 min read
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Mother May I?

A new way to think about data APIs
A New Way to Think About Data APIs When I was a kid, we used to play a game called “Mother May I”. In the game, the person who was it, called “Mother”, would stand on one end of the room and the players would stand on the other. The players would shout out things such as, “Mother, may I take one giant step forward?” or “Mother, may I take two scissors steps?
Posted June 24, 2019 ‐ 2 min read
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Counting Shit on Ethereum

Fun with blocks, transactions, and counters
I like to count shit. I’ll count anything I can find. Cracks in the sidewalk. Pennies in a cup. I also like to make lists. In fact, at one point in my life, combining my two passions, I was maintaining a list of over 350 rules related to how to pick up pennies without incurring bad luck. Yes. I suffer a bit from OCD (but happily). Recently, Pedro Gomes made a tweet asking if anyone had a list of the most frequently called function signatures on the Ethereum blockchain.
Posted June 10, 2019 ‐ 5 min read
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Ethereum data on crack
I wanted to share with you (through a series of charts) what happens when one releases a world-class data scientist such as Ed Mazurek on fresh-baked Ethereum difficulty data. You get TrueBlarks (that’s a portmanteau of “TrueBlocks” and “R” in case you were wondering). If you don’t know about “R” and R Studio, you should. It’s amazing. With little to no explanation, I am going to copy and paste the “R” code right next to the chart used to create it.
Posted January 21, 2019 ‐ 6 min read
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Building an Ethereum Account Scraper with TrueBlocks

First pass instructions
When I first heard of Ethereum, I thought to myself “Excellent! I no longer have to keep track of my spending. Everything will be automated.” Can you say “misconception”? Not only is keeping track of Ethereum spending way more difficult than it should be, it’s actually so difficult that I stopped spending ether all together about two years ago. (The price of ether had a lot to do with it as well.
Posted July 6, 2018 ‐ 5 min read
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How Many ERC20 Tokens Do You Have?

You may never know
I was recently included in a discussion about why it’s so difficult to get ERC20 token balances (and other data) from the Ethereum blockchain. I thought I’d take a crack at answering the question. I think it comes down to four words: “Incoming”, “Internal”, “Transactions”…and “Decentralization.” I’ll focus on each word individually. Transaction I’ll start with the easiest word first: “Transaction.” Go into a bagel store. Buy a dozen bagels and get a receipt.
Posted April 20, 2018 ‐ 7 min read
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Defeating the Ethereum DDos Attacks

Ignoring things that can be ignored
I spend a lot of time looking at historical Ethereum transactional data. I do this by scanning the chain using TrueBlocks. If you’ve ever done this, you will be familiar with a certain set of transactions that take a very long time to process. These transactions happened between blocks 2,286,910 and 2,717,576. They are a pain in my a$$. See here. In a surprisingly effective attack, some evil genius took advantage of an underpriced opcode to create millions of dead Ethereum accounts.
Posted February 12, 2018 ‐ 7 min read
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Playing with Blocks

And having fun while doing it
I am so deep down the rabbit hole of Ethereum data that I sometimes forget there is such a thing as the real world. And I care exactly zero if I never come up. Don’t ask me why. I’m pretty sure there’s no good reason. Maybe my obsession with this has to do with something that happened to me in high-school. My guidance counselor administered a test intended to identify which career I should pursue.
Posted December 8, 2017 ‐ 5 min read
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Announcing TrueBlocks®

We are pleased to announce the release today of the first of three white papers describing TrueBlocks: Faster, Richer, Fully Customizable Data from Programmable Blockchains. Additionally, we are announcing the release of an updated and improved website ( as well as fourteen open-source command line tools. What is TrueBlocks TrueBlocks is a collection of software libraries, open source command-line tools, and applications intended to improve the ease and speed with which one may access data from the Ethereum blockchain.
Posted October 29, 2017 ‐ 3 min read
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Accounting for the Revolution™

Is it possible?
In recent weeks, the price of ether has risen from around $10.00 US dollars per ether to hovering around $20.00 US in recent days. Needless to say, this has caused a lot of discussion. We wondered if this increase in price meant that the Ethereum community was all of a sudden spending thousands of dollars more per day on gas. Or was it hundreds of dollars more per day? Or was it one dollar per day?
Posted March 13, 2017 ‐ 10 min read
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