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A Eulogy for The DAO

...or How I Learned to Love the Input Data Field…

Posted September 14, 2016  ‐  6 min read

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A Too-Often Neglected Aspect of Smart Contract Security Auditability

Write better Solidity events

Posted August 25, 2016  ‐  8 min read

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Knowing the Future and Proving You Know It

How blockchains can help

Posted July 13, 2016  ‐  4 min read

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A Clue About the DAO Attacker’s Location?

Where in the world is he/she? This first chart shows those transactions distributed by…

Posted June 21, 2016  ‐  2 min read

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Downloading the DAO

Everything, all the time

Posted June 10, 2016  ‐  5 min read

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What the ‘F’ is a Finney?

And why do we care?

Posted May 23, 2016  ‐  4 min read

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Smart Contracts are Immutable — That’s Amazing…and It Sucks

Write once, modify never

Posted May 13, 2016  ‐  9 min read

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