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How Safe are My Private Keys?

Let's Look at the Numbers
Posted December 9, 2020 ‐ 0 min read
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Every 15 Seconds…

Something special happens
…a piece of open source software called an Ethereum node collects together a random, unordered collection of transactions, and after throwing out the invalid ones, puts the rest in a well-defined order. The system then seals this newly ordered list for the rest of human history (modulo re-orgs) by creating a 32-byte block hash that stands in a one-to-one correspondence to that ordered list. The system then quickly moves on to a newly growing collection of unordered transactions, leaving behind it a trail of sealed blocks.
Posted December 9, 2020 ‐ 2 min read
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Ethereum’s Issuance: uncleReward

Second in a series about issuance
This the second in a series of two articles detailing Ethereum’s issuance. Read the first part, which discusses the blockReward calculation. Also, see the code base for the actual code. This article discusses the uncleReward. Uncle Reward Previously, we looked at the ungrammatical second sentence in Section 11.3 of Ethereum’s Yellow Paper. In the first article, we discussed the first half of that sentence concerning blockReward. In this article we discuss the remaining half of that sentence (shown below) which details the uncleReward.
Posted August 15, 2020 ‐ 6 min read
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Ethereum’s Issuance: minerReward

First in a series about issuance
Recently, there was a dustup on Crypto Twitter (started here, carries on here) about Ethereum’s money supply. The claim was made that Ethereum’s money supply was not easily available, nor was it widely agreed upon. News flash: Both of these claims are right. At one point, our project, TrueBlocks, was mentioned, so I thought I’d write an article (which has grown into two articles and a code base) exploring the issue.
Posted August 15, 2020 ‐ 5 min read
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Links About CLR, Radical Markets & GitCoin

This stuff matters
The Liberal Radicalism Mechanism for Producing Public Goods [Tabarrok] Experiments With Liberal Radicalism [Singh] Liberal Radicalism: Breaking down Buterin, Hitzig and Weyl Some Gentle Criticisms on Vitalik/Gitcoin CLR [van Ness] A Simple Way to Fund Public Goods [van Ness] Radical Market, ZK, Privacy and More [Buterin] Wikipedia: Quadratic Voting Eth Research A Proposal to Improve Pairwise Coordination Subsidies Pairwise Coordination Subsidies: A New Quadratic Funding Design [Buterin] A Strange Kind of Pairwise-Bounded Quadratic Funding Negative Votes in Quadratic Funding [Buterin] On Collusion [Buterin] Round 2 Gitcoin Grants: $50K Open Source Fund Round 3 Gitcoin’s Q3 Match: $100K+ to OSS projects CitCoin’s $4.
Posted May 13, 2020 ‐ 1 min read
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A Method to Diffuse the Ethereum Difficulty Bomb

Diffusing the bomb predictably with less angst
There is no more angst-ridden profession than being a member of a bomb squad. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever seen the movie The Hurt Locker. In a recent Gitter post in the All Core Devs channel, Alexey Akhunov says of the difficulty bomb that it, “…forces people to make rushed decisions and be reckless, without real emergency…” This is true currently, but we can do better.
Posted November 26, 2019 ‐ 5 min read
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It’s Not That Difficult

All about the Ethereum difficulty calculation
All about the Ethereum Difficulty Calculation Special thanks to a first-rate Tuftian and data scientist, Ed Mazurek, for early versions of the R code used in this article. Each time the Ethereum time bomb goes off, two related questions arise. The first question (and arguably the more important) is, “When will blocks get so slow, they will be intolerable”. The second question is, “How long should we delay the bomb this time?
Posted November 24, 2019 ‐ 13 min read
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A Short Take on Decentralization

How much compromise is too much?
This is a very short take on something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. “Why do I give a shit about decentralization? Should I compromise?” Here’s why I come down emphatically on the side of “Yes, I give a shit, and no you should never compromise!”. Blockchain-like technologies (that is, decentralizing, trustless technologies) bring to the world, for the first time in human history, a way to help us solve the prisoner’s dilemma.
Posted August 13, 2018 ‐ 3 min read
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Mantras for Decentralized Open Data

Keep in mind what matters
I had a wonderful experience at EdCon in Toronto this week. Mostly because of all the great new people I met and the many people I reacquainted myself with. The Ethereum community is freakin’ cool. Here’s an example. In between speakers, the person sitting in front of me stood up, turned around, looked down at his seat and, using his pointing finger, counted the number of seats between him and the left isle.
Posted May 7, 2018 ‐ 4 min read
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The Trace Data Problem

And why it matters
I recently wrote a piece discussing how I defeated the Ethereum DDos attack using TrueBlocks. Doing this was important because it freed me from the pain of a slow RPC. Speed allows me to analyze the Ethereum data iteratively. I can find more interesting stuff. The Ethereum dataset is big (and growing). I want to be able to scan through the entire thing. I want to be able to do this on a laptop.
Posted February 21, 2018 ‐ 7 min read
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