These commands call some useful miscellaneous tools:

  • chifra explore a quick way to open a blockchain explorer,
  • ethslurp an older tool that lets you call data from EtherScan. (This has issues of centralization and data quality, see explanation in its section).

Follow these instructions to add a key to your config

chifra explore

chifra explore opens Etherscan (and other explorers – including our own) to the block, transaction hash, or address you specify. It’s a handy (configurable) way to open an explorer from the command line, nothing more.

  Open a local or remote explorer for one or more addresses, blocks, or transactions.

  chifra explore [flags] <term> [term...]

  terms - one or more address, name, block, or transaction identifier

  -l, --local    open the local TrueBlocks explorer
  -g, --google   search google excluding popular blockchain explorers
  -h, --help     display this help screen

Source code: internal/explore

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