Unchained index

Unchained Index allows blazingly fast, perfectly-private access to any account anywhere on the chain.

The Unchained Index.

Benefits of unchaining the index

We’ve written a lot about the Unchained Index elsewhere. We won’t belabour the point, however, we want to point out that the Unchained Index:

  • Allows blazingly fast access to any account anywhere on the chain
  • Allows perfectly-private access to query blockchain data completely locally
  • Naturally shards itself and distributes itself using IPFS and user behaviour
  • Is published periodically to a smart contract and once published cannot be removed from public use
  • Is reproducable directly from immutable data with a well-defined series of operations meaning its as immutable as the original blockchain data
  • Compact
  • Digs deeper into the blockchain than any other source allowing for instantaneous, 18-decimal-place accurate off-chain reconciliation of any account
  • Blazingly fast

Here we present a number of articles we’ve written about TrueBlocks over the years. Read at least a few of these and you will better understand what we’re trying to do.

Title and description
A Specification of the Unchained Index
- in which we fully and in a detailed way explain the Unchained Index
A Long-Winded Explanation of TrueBlocks
- in which we go on and on about how things work and why
How Accurate is EtherScan
- in which we compare TrueBlocks with EtherScan’s apis
Comparison of TrueBlocks and The Graph
- in which we compare TrueBlocks to The Graph
Custom Traversers
- in which we describe how to enhance the extracted data
Simple Undeniable Facts
- in which we argue strongly for full decentralization
A Time-Ordered Log of an Index of a Time-Ordered Log
- in which we describe why old-fashioned web 2.0 indexes don’t cut it
Indexing Addresses on the Ethereum Blockchain
- in which we describe the process of building the unchained index
Mother May I
- in which we play a childish and churlish game with our users
Building an Account Scraper with TrueBlocks
- in which we describe the technical details of building the index
How Many ERC20 Tokens Do I Have?
- in which we describe why it’s hard to know and how TrueBlocks helps
Accounting for the Revolution
- a very early paper in which we first try to describe TrueBlocks

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