Enhanced ethereum data

Underlying all Ethereum data─and therefore all TrueBlocks data─is a set of inter-related data models.

TrueBlocks is full of data that interrelates.

Blockchain + people = TrueBlocks-enhanced data

On its own Ethereum blockchain data is just a boring blob of bytes. What really interests us are the stories behind this data–questions like:

  • What addresses were involved?
  • Can I see all transactions involved this address?
  • When did the transaction happen?
  • What smart contracts were involved?

Through TrueBlock’s --articulate option, you can unpack the input fields of transactions and trace through the whole history of contract calls.

The account-organized data describes things like account collections, account balances, and transaction histories. This data tells you the who, where, and why behind the Blockchain transactions. It is where TrueBlocks really shines.

This data applies to all TrueBlocks apps

Because all TrueBlocks apps use the same backend, these references describe the data found with the command line, the Explorer app, and the API. However, the presentation of the data may change depending on the app and file format.

Published on: Jul 1, 2021 Last edited: Oct 6, 2021

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