Global Options

Every chifra command has the following globally available options (unless the option is removed as shown in the Disabled column below). Certain commands have additional globally available features as noted in the Enabled column.

Globally Options Available to All Commands
Verbose, Fmt, Version, Chain, NoHeader, File, Output, Append, Help


-v, –verbose enable verbose output -x, –fmt string export format, one of [none|json*|txt|csv] –version displays the current version string –chain instructs the tool to operate against the given chain –no_header suppresses the display of the header in txt and csv format –file reads options from the specified file –output redirects output to the given file –append for –output only, appends results to the given file -h, –help displays the help screen

Group 1

The tools in this group of commands produce data but do not need the cache because they do not query the node. They all have the above globally available options.


Group 2

The tools in this group have all of the above options, but they query the node, therefore they need the cache.

accountsabisCache, Decache
chain_datawhenCache, Decache
chain_statetokensCache, Decache


-o, –cache force the results of the query into the cache -D, –decache removes related items from the cache

Group 3

The tools in this group have all of the above options, but because they do query the node, they need the cache. They also produce wei values therefore they have the --ether option as well.

accountsexportCache, Decache, Ether
chain_statestateCache, Decache, Ether


-H, –ether specify value in ether

Group 4

As of version 2.6.0, the --raw option has been removed in its entirity. Prior to that version, the following tools had this option which would pass the data received directly from the node without modification.

chifra blocks
chifra transactions
chifra receipts
chifra logs
chifra traces
chifra slurp

Group 5

This final group of tools do not produce any real data. They are mostly used for configuration and/or to start and stop long-running processes. They allow no additional options over the default, but disable the following options depending on context. The deamon option, which provides all the tools via a local API, disables --chain because one sends chain with the URL.

admindaemonOutput, Append, Fmt, NoHeader, File, Chain
adminscrapeOutput, Append, Fmt, NoHeader, File
admininitOutput, Append, Fmt, NoHeader, File
otherexploreOutput, Append, Fmt, NoHeader

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