A Short Take on Decentralization

How much compromise is too much?

Posted August 13, 2018  ‐  3 min read

Tags: ethereum

Building an Ethereum Account Scraper with TrueBlocks

First pass instructions

Posted July 6, 2018  ‐  5 min read

Tags: trueblocks

Mantras for Decentralized Open Data

Keep in mind what matters

Posted May 7, 2018  ‐  4 min read

Tags: ethereum

How Many ERC20 Tokens Do You Have?

You may never know

Posted April 20, 2018  ‐  7 min read

Tags: trueblocks

The Trace Data Problem

And why it matters

Posted February 21, 2018  ‐  7 min read

Tags: ethereum

Defeating the Ethereum DDos Attacks

Ignoring things that can be ignored

Posted February 12, 2018  ‐  7 min read

Tags: trueblocks

Playing with Blocks

And having fun while doing it

Posted December 8, 2017  ‐  5 min read

Tags: trueblocks