A Method to Diffuse the Ethereum Difficulty Bomb

Diffusing the bomb predictably with less angst

Posted November 26, 2019  ‐  5 min read

Tags: ethereum

It’s Not That Difficult

All about the Ethereum difficulty calculation

Posted November 24, 2019  ‐  13 min read

Tags: ethereum

A Time Ordered Index of Time Ordered Immutable Data

Adventures in indexing the Ethereum blockchain

Posted July 17, 2019  ‐  10 min read

Tags: trueblocks

Indexing Addresses on the Ethereum Blockchain

Appearances are the key

Posted July 9, 2019  ‐  5 min read

Tags: trueblocks

Mother May I?

A new way to think about data APIs

Posted June 24, 2019  ‐  2 min read

Tags: trueblocks

Counting Shit on Ethereum

Fun with blocks, transactions, and counters

Posted June 10, 2019  ‐  5 min read

Tags: trueblocks


Ethereum data on crack

Posted January 21, 2019  ‐  6 min read

Tags: trueblocks