Published on: Jun 20, 2022 Last edited: Jun 20, 2022

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A few of your more frequently asked questions

Error message: current file does not sequentially follow previous file

When using chifra scrape indexer you may get the above message. What this means is a completely empty block was returned from the RPC. When I say completely empty, this means there’s not even a miner address. Our scraper thinks that every block must contain at least one address, but on some chains this is not true (for example, on some private chains).

Alternatively, this sometimes happens when you run chifra scrape and chifra init incorrectly, although this last issue should be fixed if you’ve kept up with the latest updates.

You may turn this warning off by editing a per-chain configuration file. Search for the word ‘allow_missing’ on this page: https://trueblocks.io/docs/chifra/configs/.

The file you want to edit is in $CONFIG_FOLDER/config//blockScrape.toml where $CONFIG_FOLDER is dependent on your operating system (~/.local/share/trueblocks for linux, ~/Library/Application Support/TrueBlocks for Mac) and is the name of the chain you’re scraping.

You can find $CONFIG_FOLDER by typing chifra status --terse.

Create the above file if it doesn’t exist and add the following value (creating the section inside the file if you need to):

allow_missing = true

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