Better Token Accounting

Published on: Dec 23, 2021 Last edited: Feb 2, 2024

Information about how we account for tokens

Eth accounting is identical Token accounting is improved in these ways:

  1. Intra block token accounting
  2. Account for every Transfer event
  3. If a balance is incorrect, do one of three things:
    1. If the transaction contains a “large” input, and the event says something transferred, but the balances don’t change, lable probably-spam and add a field called removal of phony transfer in
    2. If the function is one of a very small number of common mint functions, assign to knownMint field
    3. If the function is one of a very small number of common burn methods, assign to a knownBurn field
    4. If the balance goes up - label the transation as implied-mint and add to a feild called impliedMint
    5. If the balance goes down - label the reconciliation as impied-burn and add to a field called impliedBurn

Bugs fixed: In previous code, if a token transacted multple times in a single block the entire net transfer was assigned to the first transfer. In new code, each individual inter-block transfer is accounting for. Show a picture

In the previous code, if an approval and a tranfer happened in the same block, the approval transaction was mistakenly identified as the transfer even though the accounting worked out, the wrong transaction was being identified.

We added a bunch of new fields to the data structure and organized the data better (show image).

What we need to do yet

Example of Fake Fishing 0xecd28a36f7811cf4bfa965f00ccbdf68dc6eccf70410525a5c2696ab30b05035 on account 0x153b95d138bb0c7a217dbc337e7de68f575ee8fb.txt

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